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Jerusha Rodgers

Rabid Badger Editing
With a degree in English and a lifetime of reading under her belt, Jerusha set out to change the literary world one tweet at a time. After an internship in social media marketing and several projects as an assistant on high profile ghostwriting gigs with a NYT bestselling writer, she started her own freelance editing business, Rabid Badger Editing. She’s worked on projects other fresh-out-of-college grammar nerds would drool over, and can’t get enough of new and upcoming ideas to propel the industry forward. Being young is, in and of itself, an invaluable experience and expertise in the field of epublishing; where traditional publishing folk see “can’t” and “won’t,” Jerusha sees “can’t wait” and “won’t it be great when…” With a mother who works in both traditional and indie publishing, Jerusha was not only formally educated, but was raised in the publishing industry, creating a unique viewpoint that spans technological advances, creative processes and business models.