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Duffy Patten

Creative Dir
Duffy Patten recently joined Commonwealth as Creative Director on Chevrolet. Since much of his career has been spent advertising cars and trucks, he is no stranger to music. He cut his teeth with Bob Seger on Chevy Trucks, broke through with Led Zeppelin on Cadillac, got to hear Mary J. Blige sing live on set for Chevrolet, and then helped set Cadillac on a new course with The Black Keys. He is currently quite proud of the fact that he helped put Marky Mark (and, more importantly, The Funky Bunch) in a recent Chevrolet commercial that ran during the Sochi Olympics. Since he also got to work with Barry White on Arby’s, he feels that he’s the perfect addition to this panel. But due to the fact that the first concert he attended was Laura Branigan, he understands why you might not.