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Monday, March 10

9:30am CDT

Adrenaline : People : Social : Business Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon B Age Matters: Leverage It for Startup Success ACC, Room 9ABCSarah Kunst • Susan McPherson • Christina Vuleta Are We Smarter than the Dinosaurs? Omni Downtown, Capital BallroomJenn Gustetic • Jason Kessler Bridge the Gap Bringing Together Code & Creativity ACC, Ballroom BCAman Govil • Ben Malbon Change the World: Super Powered Science on the Web Omni Downtown, LonghornArfon Smith Closing the Curtain on the Theatrics of Social Sheraton Austin, Capitol ABCDPaul Davison • Cynthia Samanian Co-Workers As Customers: Lessons from Airbnb & Etsy Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon JKDaniel Schauenberg • Harrison Shoff Content Changes Everything: Even How We Shop Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 1-4Jeff Pyatt Culture & Business: How to Create Culture Envy Hilton Austin Downtown, Austin Chamber OfficesMatt Chasen • Liz Elam • Eric Falcao • Jeffrey Schutte Do It Together Is the New Do It Yourself Omni Downtown, Lone StarNicholas DePrey • Catherine Woodiwiss Entrepreneuring Women Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon DTerry Chase • Jennifer Fleiss • Karen Griffith Gryga • Danielle Weinblatt Feminism 2.0: Technology & Women's Empowerment ACC, Room 10AB Hashtag Intervention: Why #BlackGirlsRun Sheraton Austin, Capitol EFGHToni Carey • Felicia Harris • Ashley Hicks How Overcrowded Asian Cities Inspire Innovation ACC, Room 6ABTara Hirebet Humans Matter Most in CyberSecurity, Not Firewalls Sheraton Austin, CreeksideChris Dufour • Chris Hadnagy • Jon Iadonisi • Nicole Tatrow If Content Is King, Who Is Sheriff? ACC, Room 12ABKristina Eastham • Gail Marie Justice 2.0: Online Dispute Resolution Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon GJoseph Markowitz • Colin Rule • Beth Trent • Jin Ho Verdonschot Mind the Gap: UI Design Between & Among Devices Four Seasons, Four Seasons Ballroom Reddit: You're Doing It Wrong Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon CRohit Thawani • Garrett Tillman Tech Off Your Clothes: Naked Truths of Wearables Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 5-7Nicole Forbes • Q Manning • Billie Whitehouse The Avatar Will See You Now: Inside Virtual Health Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon FErik Emerson • Stacey Higginbotham • Mitch Lawrence • Dr Timothy Bickmore PHD The Power of Failure: The Hidden Side of Success Courtyard Marriott, Rio Grande BallroomJosh Gosfield • Camille Sweeney UX Antipatterns: Hidden Traps in Sites & Apps ACC, Ballroom AMichael Boeke UX Love Potion: Influencing Through Collaboration Four Seasons, San Jacinto BallroomRaman Hansi

11:00am CDT

A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothes: The Myth of Disruption Radisson Town Lake, Riverside BallroomAengus Anderson Bits, Bittier Bits & Qubits: Physics of Computing Omni Downtown, Capital Ballroom Building Six Figure eCommerce Stores Today Hilton Austin Downtown, Austin Chamber OfficesBilly Murphy • Naruby Schlenker • Sean Work • Andrew Youderian Disrupting the Scene: Place-Based & Digital Ads ACC, Room 9ABCBeth Ellard • Ashley Giombetti • Ranvir Gujral • David Krupp • Tim Nudd Embarrassing Bodies: Multiplatform Medical Taboos Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon F Fact-Checking Goes Global ACC, Room 12ABBill Adair • Mona Chalabi • Peter Fray • Martin Kotynek Form & Function: Designing Devices You Want to Wear Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 5-7Dieter Bohn • Steven Eidelman • Aza Raskin Getting the Most Out of The Mentor-Mentee Relationship Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon DAndrew Ackerman • Keya Dannenbaum Glass: Game Changer for People with Disabilities? Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 1-4JP Gownder • Jen Quinlan Hacking Surveillance Culture Sheraton Austin, CreeksideHeather Dewey-Hagborg • Adam Harvey • Colin Nagy How Elizabeth Warren Built Her Grassroots Army ACC, Room 10ABAmanda Coulombe • Mike Firestone • Lauren Miller • Mindy Myers How to Fix Patents: Trolls, Innovators, & Reform Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon GLee Dunn • Julie Hopkins • Erich Spangenberg Is It Possible to Change Someone's View Online? Sheraton Austin, Capitol EFGHFruzsina Eordogh • Marta Gossage • Kristine Smith It's Not Rocket Science: UX for Niche Communities Four Seasons, Four Seasons BallroomKevin McMillin • Joseph Medwid Leapfrogging the First World ACC, Room 6ABCarla Echevarria Maker Culture & Digital Marketing Omni Downtown, LonghornRichard Goldsmith • Mike Senese Offline: Navigating Constant Connectivity Sheraton Austin, Capitol ABCDMordechai Lightstone QA Best Practices in Today's Digital Agencies Four Seasons, San Jacinto BallroomBen Currie • Kt Mcbratney • Michael Morowitz • Jim Spillson Seed Accelerators Rankings Release Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon CYael Hochberg The New Era of Investor Relations Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon JKDouglas Ellenoff • Judy Robinett • Joy Schoffler The New Generation of Powered by IBM Watson Apps Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon B The Real Art & Economics of Ghostwriting Omni Downtown, Lone StarJerusha Rodgers • Joni Rodgers The UX of Real Time Site Personalization ACC, Ballroom A Things I’ve Learned from Leading (UX Designers) Courtyard Marriott, Rio Grande BallroomRuss Unger

12:30pm CDT

100 Years of Oversharing: Tools for Time Travel ACC, Room 12ABHeather Champ • Rachel Frick • Jon Voss ART140: Twitter, Picasso & the Social Experiment Sheraton Austin, Capitol ABCDVictor Samra • David Stocks BBC Presents: Black Science Omni Downtown, Capital BallroomSharon Weinberger Big Data & Sensors: Blowing Up Transportation Radisson Town Lake, Riverside BallroomEvan Burfield • Vincent Gray • Jon Zeitler Create Awesome: Empower Teams to Change the World Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon CScott Cook Density: How to Create Silicon Valley in Your City Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon GMaria Adamian • Josh Baer Entertainment Marketing in the Age of the SuperFan Sheraton Austin, Capitol EFGHMichael Tritter • Rae Votta Entrepreneurs in Bureaucracy: Military Innovators Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon JKNate Fick • Victor Glover • Ben Kohlmann • Lindsay Rodman Gaining Vision the Robotic Way Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 1-4David Bevly • William Bluethmann • YingLi Tian • Mohammed Yousuf Geek Chic - Techs & Creatives Take Over Omni Downtown, LonghornSybil Bell • Seth Jackson • Andy Varley iWED: How to Marry Writing, Editing, & Design Omni Downtown, Lone Star Marketing Ethics in the Era of Openness Courtyard Marriott, Rio Grande BallroomRowan Benecke • Jodi Olson • Burghardt Tenderich Panopticon to Pinterest: A History of Surveillance Sheraton Austin, CreeksideCeren Paydas Reducing Isolation in LGBT Communities ACC, Room 10ABJohn Chrastka • Dr Imani Woody Scientist to Storyteller: How to Narrate Data Four Seasons, Four Seasons BallroomEric Swayne SoftLayer's Catalyst Incubator Program Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon B Tablet First Design: Holistic Ubiquitous UX Four Seasons, San Jacinto BallroomAbi Jones • Paul McAleer Technology's Role in Improving Health Hilton Austin Downtown, Austin Chamber OfficesJason Donahue • Robyn Metcalfe • Manuel Rosso • Ryan Shadrick Wilson The Dynamic Site Is Dead ACC, Ballroom BCDanny Chapman • Julie Herron The Future of Direct Activism in the Digital Age ACC, Room 9ABCMolly Sauter • Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman The Intangible (& Uncalculated) Cost of Asia ACC, Room 6ABRob Bangerter • Sean McBeath Top Tech Innovation Trends for 2014 ACC, Ballroom AKevin O'Malley • Robert Scoble • Gary Shapiro Wearables: The New Marketers' Challenge Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 5-7Kieran Barr • David Rosales • Krishna Subramanian When AR Meets the OR: Robotics & AR in Surgery Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon FKatherine Kuchenbecker • Catherine Mohr • Allison Okamura Women in Startups: Mentoring & Networking Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon DErica Duignan Minnihan • Kathleen Utecht

3:30pm CDT

BBC Presents: What If We Could Stay Young Forever? Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon GPeter Bowes Beyond Connectivity: Sharing News without the Web ACC, Room 12ABKara Andrade • Eliza Anyangwe • Trevor Knoblich Can You Feel Me Now? ACC, Ballroom BCGary Klassen • Tara O'Donnell • Giorgos Zacharia Community-Building: Better than Chemo Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon FDeanna Attai • Jody Schoger • Alicia Staley Design & Engineering – Build Better Together Four Seasons, Four Seasons BallroomAmanda McGlothlin Designing Scarcity in an Infinite World ACC, Ballroom AChris Messina Dive into Social Media Analytics Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon B Diversifying the Tech Workforce ACC, Room 10ABFreada Kapor Klein • Laura Weidman Powers • Jim Shelton Driverless Cars - Implications for Travel Behavior Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 1-4Chandra Bhat From Dream to Reality: Building a Wearable Concept Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 5-7Jennifer Darmour Geek Out for Good: Apps that Change the World ACC, Room 9ABCAllie Carter • Brian Doll • Lawrence Grodeska • Emily Jacobi • Dan Walmsley High Speed Evolution Weapons of Mass Collaboration Radisson Town Lake, Riverside BallroomRand Waltzman How to Hack Hacking: Make the World a [Freespace] Omni Downtown, Lone StarSam Wilkinson How to Make Your Smartphone Tap-Proof? Omni Downtown, Capital BallroomJimmy Schulz Infinite Future: Beyond Cyber & Hyper - Part 1 Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon DWarren Ellis • Daniel Suarez Know Your Customers—from Stalker to Soulmate Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon JKAndrew Dinsdale • Rebeca Harris Not All Growth Is Created Equal: Scaling Your Biz Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon CDonna Boyer • Ingrid Vanderveldt Obama & Beyond: Political Tech in Business Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon EAndrew Bleeker • Amy Gershkoff Spies on All Sides: We Can't Opt Out Sheraton Austin, CreeksideKade Crockford • Nathan Freitas • Josh Levy • Rainey Reitman Taking Risks for Great Social Storytelling Omni Downtown, LonghornDan Fletcher • Tanja Hollander The Middle East’s Social Media Underground ACC, Room 6ABGuilherme Rangel The Power of Socially Connected Editors in Print Sheraton Austin, Capitol EFGHStella Bugbee • Eva Chen • Elizabeth Holmes • Jane Larkworthy • Matthew Marden Top Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs Hilton Austin Downtown, Austin Chamber OfficesRaul Calvoz • Tina Cannon Virtual Reality Meets Neuroscience Four Seasons, San Jacinto BallroomAdam Gazzaley • Philip Rosedale We Know What You Did Last Summer; Location Data Sheraton Austin, Capitol ABCDTyler Bell Where Did All the Jobs Go? Courtyard Marriott, Rio Grande BallroomBryce Maddock • Gary Swart

5:00pm CDT

AWS GameDay with Obama for America & NASA/JPL Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon E Democratizing the Internet of Things is An Urgency Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon JKAyah Bdeir Design Pattern Libraries ACC, Ballroom AJohn Goff Drones: Policy, Privacy & Public Safety Sheraton Austin, CreeksideHelen Greiner • Robin Murphy • Noel Sharkey Early, Cheap & Often: Failure as a Key to Success Hilton Austin Downtown, Austin Chamber OfficesLawson Boothe • Robin Bruce • Hugo Diaz • Nate Little Fitness Wearables & the Quantifiable Self Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 5-7Jennifer Grenz Gettin' Bizzy with Pair Design Four Seasons, San Jacinto BallroomChristopher Noessel • Suzy Thompson Hacking Attention: Media, Technology & Crisis ACC, Room 9ABCMadeleine Bair • Adaora Udoji How Jane Austen Conquered Social Storytelling ACC, Room 12AB How to Prototype & Innovate in the Real World Omni Downtown, Lone StarBartley Gillan How To Take Berlin? Lucille I Sing the Body Digital: The Quantified Self Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon FSasha Digiulian • James B Maas • Sarah Robb O'Hagan • John "Ivo" Stivoric Infinite Future: Beyond Cyber & Hyper - Part 2 Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon DDaniel Suarez Know Your Customers: Using Low Power Sensors Four Seasons, Four Seasons BallroomTue Andersen Mobile Technology Solutions for the Marginalized ACC, Room 10ABSalena Bailey • Kimberly McCollister • Kenshiro Nakagawa • Megan Trotter Mobilizing Ingenuity to Strengthen Cyber Security ACC, Room 6ABReginald Brothers My Robot Poops - in JavaScript (with Web Sockets) Omni Downtown, Capital BallroomMatthew Schiffman Outlaw Innovation Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon GAlexa Clay • Catherine Hoke • Jose Vasquez • Jean-Philippe Vergne Relieving Frustration: Porn & User Experience ACC, Ballroom BC Science of Weird: Why Weirdos Outperform Normals Courtyard Marriott, Rio Grande BallroomMichael Lazerow Smart Transportation Future: Mobile & Big Data Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 1-4Gretchen Effgen • Gal Melamed • Scott Sedlik Taboo Topics Online: Social Campaigns with Privacy Sheraton Austin, Capitol EFGHBob Filbin • Deb Levine • Emily O'Brien • Meg Rushton The New Age of Technology Enhanced Intimacy Radisson Town Lake, Riverside BallroomZahra Ebrahim • Carl Hastrich • Karen Oikonen • Heather Schlegel The Rise Omni Downtown, Longhorn Wannabe: How Group Think Hurts Silicon Valley Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon CSarah McBride Who Are You? From Meat to Electrons & Back Again Sheraton Austin, Capitol ABCDMichael Schwartz YOLO (You Obviously Love Opportunities) in Mobile Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon BAntonio Arocha • Jordache Johnson • Jeremy Siewert

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