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Monday, March 10

9:30am CDT

Social Customer Experience Management ACC, Ballroom GDave Evans Adrenaline : People : Social : Business Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon B Age Matters: Leverage It for Startup Success ACC, Room 9ABCSarah Kunst • Susan McPherson • Christina Vuleta Are We Smarter than the Dinosaurs? Omni Downtown, Capital BallroomJenn Gustetic • Jason Kessler Backyard Chicken & Eggs Meet Up Meet Up Tent, Meet Up TentShane Crawford • Michelle Hernandez Bridge the Gap Bringing Together Code & Creativity ACC, Ballroom BCAman Govil • Ben Malbon Change the World: Super Powered Science on the Web Omni Downtown, LonghornArfon Smith Chicago Tech Meet Up Hilton Austin Downtown, Room 412Andrew Huff Closing the Curtain on the Theatrics of Social Sheraton Austin, Capitol ABCDPaul Davison • Cynthia Samanian Co-Workers As Customers: Lessons from Airbnb & Etsy Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon JKDaniel Schauenberg • Harrison Shoff Content Changes Everything: Even How We Shop Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 1-4Jeff Pyatt Culture & Business: How to Create Culture Envy Hilton Austin Downtown, Austin Chamber OfficesMatt Chasen • Liz Elam • Eric Falcao • Jeffrey Schutte Do It Together Is the New Do It Yourself Omni Downtown, Lone StarNicholas DePrey • Catherine Woodiwiss Entrepreneuring Women Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon DTerry Chase • Jennifer Fleiss • Karen Griffith Gryga • Danielle Weinblatt Feminism 2.0: Technology & Women's Empowerment ACC, Room 10AB Hashtag Intervention: Why #BlackGirlsRun Sheraton Austin, Capitol EFGHToni Carey • Felicia Harris • Ashley Hicks HATCH Pitch Competition for Tech Startups Part 1 Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon AAdam DAugelli • Rami Essaid • John Frankel • Missy Krasner Home Room ACC, Room 5ABCAlix Morrow • Amanda O'Brien Home Room Courtyard Marriott, BrazosElizabeth Salazar • Christopher Walton How Douchebags Ruined Dating Sheraton Austin, Capitol View South How Overcrowded Asian Cities Inspire Innovation ACC, Room 6ABTara Hirebet Humans Matter Most in CyberSecurity, Not Firewalls Sheraton Austin, CreeksideChris Dufour • Chris Hadnagy • Jon Iadonisi • Nicole Tatrow If Content Is King, Who Is Sheriff? ACC, Room 12ABKristina Eastham • Gail Marie Justice 2.0: Online Dispute Resolution Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon GJoseph Markowitz • Colin Rule • Beth Trent • Jin Ho Verdonschot Mentor Session: Amanda Cevallos Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor Atrium Mentor Session: Aristides Ioannides Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumAristides Ioannides Mentor Session: Mary Juetten Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumMary Juetten Mentor Session: Richard Botto Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumRichard Botto Mentor Session: Rod Paddock Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor Atrium Mentor Session: Zach Richardson Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumZach Richardson Mind the Gap: UI Design Between & Among Devices Four Seasons, Four Seasons Ballroom Reddit: You're Doing It Wrong Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon CRohit Thawani • Garrett Tillman Smartphones to Healthphones: A Dr. in Your Pocket Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon HWalter De Brouwer Snowden 2.0: A Field Report from the NSA Archives ACC, Exhibit Hall 5Cory Doctorow • Barton Gellman Tech Off Your Clothes: Naked Truths of Wearables Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 5-7Nicole Forbes • Q Manning • Billie Whitehouse The Avatar Will See You Now: Inside Virtual Health Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon FErik Emerson • Stacey Higginbotham • Mitch Lawrence • Dr Timothy Bickmore PHD The Power of Failure: The Hidden Side of Success Courtyard Marriott, Rio Grande BallroomJosh Gosfield • Camille Sweeney UK @ SXSW Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon E UX Antipatterns: Hidden Traps in Sites & Apps ACC, Ballroom AMichael Boeke UX Love Potion: Influencing Through Collaboration Four Seasons, San Jacinto BallroomRaman Hansi CX + Content: What's Your Story? AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 203Lauren Fritsch • Victoria Prozan Data to Go: Mobile API Design AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 105Chuck Greb • Matt Smollinger Designing Surveys that Work AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 106Elizabeth Ferrall-Nunge • Aaron Sedley DPS & You: Building a Digital Magazine AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 202Dan Abramson • Abby Kallgren • Nate Maggio Expansion Through Ecosystems AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 102Diego Depetris • Patrick Kalaher • Steve Selzer • David Sherwin Fear No Marker: Tools to Create Your Visual Story AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 104Nora Herting Hacking Medicine: Pain Points to Pilot AT&T Conference Center, Conference Room 301Andrea Ippolito • Allison Yost The Humor-Centered Design Process AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 204Chelsey Delaney Transformational Design: Beyond UXD AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 103Christine Outram Build Responsively: Modern Responsive Web Design AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 101

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11:00am CDT

Increase Sales with a Sonic Logo ACC, Ballroom ECheryl Engelhardt Why Your Non-Profit Needs Millennials ACC, Ballroom FFelicia Bates Book Signing - Sarah Lewis ACC, Ballroom D Foyer The AUDIENCE Imperative: A Book Reading ACC, Ballroom GJeffrey Rohrs A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothes: The Myth of Disruption Radisson Town Lake, Riverside BallroomAengus Anderson Amateur Scientists Meet Up: OAS Meet Up Tent, Meet Up TentElise Andrew • Hakeem Oluseyi Bits, Bittier Bits & Qubits: Physics of Computing Omni Downtown, Capital Ballroom Boulder Tech Meet Up Hilton Austin Downtown, Room 412 Building Six Figure eCommerce Stores Today Hilton Austin Downtown, Austin Chamber OfficesBilly Murphy • Naruby Schlenker • Sean Work • Andrew Youderian Computing the Future: MIT Scientists Tell All Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon HTim Berners-Lee • Andrew Lo • Daniela Rus • Russ Tedrake Disrupting the Scene: Place-Based & Digital Ads ACC, Room 9ABCBeth Ellard • Ashley Giombetti • Ranvir Gujral • David Krupp • Tim Nudd Embarrassing Bodies: Multiplatform Medical Taboos Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon F Fact-Checking Goes Global ACC, Room 12ABBill Adair • Mona Chalabi • Peter Fray • Martin Kotynek Form & Function: Designing Devices You Want to Wear Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 5-7Dieter Bohn • Steven Eidelman • Aza Raskin Getting the Most Out of The Mentor-Mentee Relationship Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon DAndrew Ackerman • Keya Dannenbaum Glass: Game Changer for People with Disabilities? Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 1-4JP Gownder • Jen Quinlan Hacking Surveillance Culture Sheraton Austin, CreeksideHeather Dewey-Hagborg • Adam Harvey • Colin Nagy HATCH Pitch Competition for Tech Startups Part 2 Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon ANicole Glaros • Balaji Gopinath • Rick Pleczko • Rahul Sood • Aya Zook How Elizabeth Warren Built Her Grassroots Army ACC, Room 10ABAmanda Coulombe • Mike Firestone • Lauren Miller • Mindy Myers How to Fix Patents: Trolls, Innovators, & Reform Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon GLee Dunn • Julie Hopkins • Erich Spangenberg How to Sell Your Side Project: 90 Days of Making Omni Downtown, AustinMatt Colangelo • Dave Pittman Is Facebook Making Houses of Worship Go Extinct? Sheraton Austin, Capitol View SouthRebecca Saidlower Is It Possible to Change Someone's View Online? Sheraton Austin, Capitol EFGHFruzsina Eordogh • Marta Gossage • Kristine Smith It's Not Rocket Science: UX for Niche Communities Four Seasons, Four Seasons BallroomKevin McMillin • Joseph Medwid Joan vs. Don: Female Leadership in Digital Agencies Courtyard Marriott, BrazosLiz Harper • Pam Scheideler Leapfrogging the First World ACC, Room 6ABCarla Echevarria Maker Culture & Digital Marketing Omni Downtown, LonghornRichard Goldsmith • Mike Senese Mentor Session: Cassie Lancellotti-Young Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumCassie Lancellotti-Young Mentor Session: Cecy Correa Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumCecy Correa Mentor Session: Chris Jones Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor Atrium Mentor Session: Daniel Harvey Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumDaniel Harvey Mentor Session: Kevin Planovsky Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor Atrium Mentor Session: Mariano Suarez-Battan Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumMariano Suarez Battan Offline: Navigating Constant Connectivity Sheraton Austin, Capitol ABCDMordechai Lightstone Private Tech for Public Good ACC, Room 5ABCBen Coffey Clark • Reshma Saujani QA Best Practices in Today's Digital Agencies Four Seasons, San Jacinto BallroomBen Currie • Kt Mcbratney • Michael Morowitz • Jim Spillson Seed Accelerators Rankings Release Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon CYael Hochberg The New Era of Investor Relations Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon JKDouglas Ellenoff • Judy Robinett • Joy Schoffler The New Generation of Powered by IBM Watson Apps Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon B The Real Art & Economics of Ghostwriting Omni Downtown, Lone StarJerusha Rodgers • Joni Rodgers The Sphere of Influence: Digital Fashion + Beauty Hyatt Regency Austin, Hill Country ABCDJaclyn Johnson • Alisa Gould Simon The UX of Real Time Site Personalization ACC, Ballroom A Things I’ve Learned from Leading (UX Designers) Courtyard Marriott, Rio Grande BallroomRuss Unger UK @ SXSW Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon E You Can Sell, But You Can’t Hide Hilton Austin Downtown, Room 616ABClara Shih Alternative Healing Meet Up Proof Annex, Proof AnnexJulie Germany • Allie Phillips

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Scaling Radical Empowerment Through Technology ACC, Ballroom FAmanda Kloer The Discussion’s Over: New Domains Are Here ACC, Ballroom EJeremiah Johnston The Passion Conversation & Word of Mouth Marketing ACC, Ballroom G #Occupygezi Movement: A Turkish Twitter Revolution ACC, Room 5ABCEda Demir • Yalçın Pembecioglu 100 Years of Oversharing: Tools for Time Travel ACC, Room 12ABHeather Champ • Rachel Frick • Jon Voss Any PR Pros Out There? Proof Annex, Proof AnnexOwen Sexton ART140: Twitter, Picasso & the Social Experiment Sheraton Austin, Capitol ABCDVictor Samra • David Stocks BBC Presents: Black Science Omni Downtown, Capital BallroomSharon Weinberger Big Data & Sensors: Blowing Up Transportation Radisson Town Lake, Riverside BallroomEvan Burfield • Vincent Gray • Jon Zeitler Chaos & Creativity: A Love Story Courtyard Marriott, BrazosPatricia Korth-McDonnell Create Awesome: Empower Teams to Change the World Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon CScott Cook Density: How to Create Silicon Valley in Your City Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon GMaria Adamian • Josh Baer Entertainment Marketing in the Age of the SuperFan Sheraton Austin, Capitol EFGHMichael Tritter • Rae Votta Entrepreneurs in Bureaucracy: Military Innovators Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon JKNate Fick • Victor Glover • Ben Kohlmann • Lindsay Rodman Gaining Vision the Robotic Way Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 1-4David Bevly • William Bluethmann • YingLi Tian • Mohammed Yousuf Geek Chic - Techs & Creatives Take Over Omni Downtown, LonghornSybil Bell • Seth Jackson • Andy Varley Generation Mash-Up: Y Bother? ACC, Exhibit Hall 5Pete Cashmore • Olivier Fleurot HATCH Pitch Competition Part 3 + Awards Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon ABlair Garrou • Neal Murthy • Kerry Rupp • Unity Stoakes Innovative Apps Are Key to Wearable Tech Adoption Hyatt Regency Austin, Hill Country ABCDAnna Jen • Sean McCracken iWED: How to Marry Writing, Editing, & Design Omni Downtown, Lone Star Marketing Ethics in the Era of Openness Courtyard Marriott, Rio Grande BallroomRowan Benecke • Jodi Olson • Burghardt Tenderich Mentor Session: Ashley Meyers Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumAshley Meyers Mentor Session: Christopher Bartik Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumChristopher Bartik Mentor Session: Jessica Tunon Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumJessica Tunon Mentor Session: Jim Galis Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumJim Galis Mentor Session: Shari Foldes Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumShari Foldes Mentor Session: Tom Fowler Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor Atrium Owning Identity: A Conversation with Tony Conrad Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon HTony Conrad • Evelyn Rusli Panopticon to Pinterest: A History of Surveillance Sheraton Austin, CreeksideCeren Paydas Personalized Health: Coming to a Screen Near You Hilton Austin Downtown, Room 616ABMichael Olaya • Taylor Pechacek Reducing Isolation in LGBT Communities ACC, Room 10ABJohn Chrastka • Dr Imani Woody Scientist to Storyteller: How to Narrate Data Four Seasons, Four Seasons BallroomEric Swayne SoftLayer's Catalyst Incubator Program Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon B SXSW Eco Meet Up Meet Up Tent, Meet Up TentChris Sonnier Tablet First Design: Holistic Ubiquitous UX Four Seasons, San Jacinto BallroomAbi Jones • Paul McAleer Technology's Role in Improving Health Hilton Austin Downtown, Austin Chamber OfficesJason Donahue • Robyn Metcalfe • Manuel Rosso • Ryan Shadrick Wilson The Creation of Safe Spaces Through Art Education Omni Downtown, AustinMark Olsen The Dynamic Site Is Dead ACC, Ballroom BCDanny Chapman • Julie Herron The Future of Childhood Sheraton Austin, Capitol View SouthCatherine Steiner-Adair EdD • David McCullough Jr The Future of Direct Activism in the Digital Age ACC, Room 9ABCMolly Sauter • Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman The Intangible (& Uncalculated) Cost of Asia ACC, Room 6ABRob Bangerter • Sean McBeath Top Tech Innovation Trends for 2014 ACC, Ballroom AKevin O'Malley • Robert Scoble • Gary Shapiro UK @ SXSW Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon E We're Moving to Detroit, & so Should You Hilton Austin Downtown, Room 412Iain Lanivich Wearables: The New Marketers' Challenge Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 5-7Kieran Barr • David Rosales • Krishna Subramanian When AR Meets the OR: Robotics & AR in Surgery Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon FKatherine Kuchenbecker • Catherine Mohr • Allison Okamura Women in Startups: Mentoring & Networking Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon DErica Duignan Minnihan • Kathleen Utecht

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BBC Presents: What If We Could Stay Young Forever? Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon GPeter Bowes Designing Democracy: Raising Our Civic IQ ACC, Ballroom ERob Girling Notdesign or What You Don’t Know ACC, Ballroom FJonty Sharples A Conversation with Glenn Greenwald ACC, Exhibit Hall 5Glenn Greenwald • Micah Sifry A Global Economy Driven by Platforms & APIs Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon HKhris Loux An Influencer by Any Other Platform Hyatt Regency Austin, Hill Country ABCDCaroline Waxler Beyond Connectivity: Sharing News without the Web ACC, Room 12ABKara Andrade • Eliza Anyangwe • Trevor Knoblich Big Data Privacy Meet Up Meet Up Tent, Meet Up Tent Biopunk Marketing: Biohacking for Brands Omni Downtown, Austin Bypass the Bypass: The Law of Readiness in Health Hilton Austin Downtown, Room 616ABJeff Pulver • Alan Weinkrantz Can You Feel Me Now? ACC, Ballroom BCGary Klassen • Tara O'Donnell • Giorgos Zacharia Community-Building: Better than Chemo Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon FDeanna Attai • Jody Schoger • Alicia Staley Design & Engineering – Build Better Together Four Seasons, Four Seasons BallroomAmanda McGlothlin Designing Scarcity in an Infinite World ACC, Ballroom AChris Messina Dive into Social Media Analytics Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon B Diversifying the Tech Workforce ACC, Room 10ABFreada Kapor Klein • Laura Weidman Powers • Jim Shelton Does Race Equal Racism Online? (Honestly) ACC, Room 5ABCJenny Korn Driverless Cars - Implications for Travel Behavior Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 1-4Chandra Bhat From Dream to Reality: Building a Wearable Concept Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 5-7Jennifer Darmour Geek Out for Good: Apps that Change the World ACC, Room 9ABCAllie Carter • Brian Doll • Lawrence Grodeska • Emily Jacobi • Dan Walmsley High Speed Evolution Weapons of Mass Collaboration Radisson Town Lake, Riverside BallroomRand Waltzman Houston Hackers, Investors, & Party-Starters Hilton Austin Downtown, Room 412Brian Lang How to Create Awesome Culture in Remote Teams Courtyard Marriott, BrazosJames Costa • Matt Herron How to Hack Hacking: Make the World a [Freespace] Omni Downtown, Lone StarSam Wilkinson How to Make Your Smartphone Tap-Proof? Omni Downtown, Capital BallroomJimmy Schulz Infinite Future: Beyond Cyber & Hyper - Part 1 Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon DWarren Ellis • Daniel Suarez Know Your Customers—from Stalker to Soulmate Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon JKAndrew Dinsdale • Rebeca Harris Mentor Session: Clay Crenshaw Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumClay Crenshaw Mentor Session: David-Michel Davies Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor Atrium Mentor Session: Elizabeth Tashik Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumElizabeth Tashik Mentor Session: John Arrow Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumJohn Arrow Mentor Session: Megan Adams Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumMegan Adams Mentor Session: Ryan McCarthy Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumRyan McCarthy Not All Growth Is Created Equal: Scaling Your Biz Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon CDonna Boyer • Ingrid Vanderveldt Obama & Beyond: Political Tech in Business Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon EAndrew Bleeker • Amy Gershkoff Spies on All Sides: We Can't Opt Out Sheraton Austin, CreeksideKade Crockford • Nathan Freitas • Josh Levy • Rainey Reitman Student Startup Madness: Entrepreneurial Eight Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon APatrick Ambron • Brian Cohen • Melinda Emerson • Sandy Khaund Taking Risks for Great Social Storytelling Omni Downtown, LonghornDan Fletcher • Tanja Hollander The Middle East’s Social Media Underground ACC, Room 6ABGuilherme Rangel The Power of Socially Connected Editors in Print Sheraton Austin, Capitol EFGHStella Bugbee • Eva Chen • Elizabeth Holmes • Jane Larkworthy • Matthew Marden Top Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs Hilton Austin Downtown, Austin Chamber OfficesRaul Calvoz • Tina Cannon Twibel: Fight Bad Speech with More Speech Sheraton Austin, Capitol View SouthCatherine Cameron Virtual Reality Meets Neuroscience Four Seasons, San Jacinto BallroomAdam Gazzaley • Philip Rosedale We Know What You Did Last Summer; Location Data Sheraton Austin, Capitol ABCDTyler Bell Where Did All the Jobs Go? Courtyard Marriott, Rio Grande BallroomBryce Maddock • Gary Swart Whittle Down, Meet Up Proof Annex, Proof Annex Blueprint for Brand Advocacy AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 103Nick Cicero • Natalie Rodic Marsan Designing UI in Keynote for Web & Mobile Apps AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 105Ted Boda Exploring the Creative Coding Landscape AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 202 Filters, Bias, & Collaboration AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 106J Nathan Matias • Sarah Szalavitz How to Build Mental Models for Content + Marketing AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 203Tara-Nicholle Nelson Live Visuals: Intro to Video Mapping AT&T Conference Center, Classroom 204Mat Hale • Todd Moyer Minorities & Health Tech: A How to Workshop AT&T Conference Center, Conference Room 301Ivor Horn

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Productivity: Effectively Scaling Yourself ACC, Ballroom FScott Hanselman The Future of Government-Citizen Interaction ACC, Ballroom ESurya Yalamanchili AWS GameDay with Obama for America & NASA/JPL Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon E Capital vs. Talent Hilton Austin Downtown, Room 616ABPeter Kim Career Advice for Creatives from The Walking Dead Courtyard Marriott, BrazosWilliam Colgrove Crowdsourcing Humor Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon HBob Mankoff Democratizing the Internet of Things is An Urgency Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon JKAyah Bdeir Design Pattern Libraries ACC, Ballroom AJohn Goff Do More with Your Content – the Meet Up! Meet Up Tent, Meet Up Tent Drones: Policy, Privacy & Public Safety Sheraton Austin, CreeksideHelen Greiner • Robin Murphy • Noel Sharkey Early, Cheap & Often: Failure as a Key to Success Hilton Austin Downtown, Austin Chamber OfficesLawson Boothe • Robin Bruce • Hugo Diaz • Nate Little Fitness Wearables & the Quantifiable Self Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 5-7Jennifer Grenz Gettin' Bizzy with Pair Design Four Seasons, San Jacinto BallroomChristopher Noessel • Suzy Thompson Hacking Attention: Media, Technology & Crisis ACC, Room 9ABCMadeleine Bair • Adaora Udoji How Jane Austen Conquered Social Storytelling ACC, Room 12AB How Social Media Is Creating Marriage Equality ACC, Room 5ABCMatt Baume • Brandon Feldman How to Prototype & Innovate in the Real World Omni Downtown, Lone StarBartley Gillan How To Take Berlin? Lucille I Sing the Body Digital: The Quantified Self Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon FSasha Digiulian • James B Maas • Sarah Robb O'Hagan • John "Ivo" Stivoric Infinite Future: Beyond Cyber & Hyper - Part 2 Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon DDaniel Suarez Know Your Customers: Using Low Power Sensors Four Seasons, Four Seasons BallroomTue Andersen Mentor Session: James Sinclair Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumJames Sinclair Mentor Session: Jan Triplett Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumJan Triplett Mentor Session: Jon-Eric Steinbomer Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumJon-Eric Steinbomer Mentor Session: Martin Harrison Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumMartin Harrison Mentor Session: Paolo Privitera Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumPaolo Privitera Mentor Session: Sherrilynne Starkie Hilton Garden Inn, 10th Floor AtriumSherrilynne Starkie Mobile Technology Solutions for the Marginalized ACC, Room 10ABSalena Bailey • Kimberly McCollister • Kenshiro Nakagawa • Megan Trotter Mobilizing Ingenuity to Strengthen Cyber Security ACC, Room 6ABReginald Brothers My Robot Poops - in JavaScript (with Web Sockets) Omni Downtown, Capital BallroomMatthew Schiffman Omni-Channel e-Retailing Proof Annex, Proof AnnexTim Lakin • Ly Tran Outlaw Innovation Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon GAlexa Clay • Catherine Hoke • Jose Vasquez • Jean-Philippe Vergne Portland Tech Meet Up Hilton Austin Downtown, Room 412Rick Turoczy Relieving Frustration: Porn & User Experience ACC, Ballroom BC Science of Weird: Why Weirdos Outperform Normals Courtyard Marriott, Rio Grande BallroomMichael Lazerow Smart Transportation Future: Mobile & Big Data Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 1-4Gretchen Effgen • Gal Melamed • Scott Sedlik Student Startup Madness Finals & Championship Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon APatrick Ambron • Brian Cohen • Melinda Emerson • Sandy Khaund Taboo Topics Online: Social Campaigns with Privacy Sheraton Austin, Capitol EFGHBob Filbin • Deb Levine • Emily O'Brien • Meg Rushton The New Age of Technology Enhanced Intimacy Radisson Town Lake, Riverside BallroomZahra Ebrahim • Carl Hastrich • Karen Oikonen • Heather Schlegel The Rise Omni Downtown, Longhorn Using Consumer-Generated Content to Fuel Campaigns Sheraton Austin, Capitol View SouthKendra Bracken-Ferguson • Justin Garrity Wannabe: How Group Think Hurts Silicon Valley Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon CSarah McBride Who Are You? From Meat to Electrons & Back Again Sheraton Austin, Capitol ABCDMichael Schwartz YOLO (You Obviously Love Opportunities) in Mobile Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon BAntonio Arocha • Jordache Johnson • Jeremy Siewert

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